Support and Training

The Professional help your local firm needs to stay one step ahead of competitors

When you’re busy sourcing suppliers, managing staff and balancing budgets, it’s tough to find the time you need to ensure the web is always working for your firm.

But because we’re a small agile team that’s also used to spinning multiple plates in the air, we know how good it feels when fellow experts can relieve the weight from your shoulders so you can focus on the things you do best.

Your bespoke digital support and training includes:

  • Skilfully managing your online presence and reputation
  • Keeping your website design up to date for technical, mobile and SEO optimisation as well as User Experience (UX).
  • Training you and your staff to perform the easy fixes which maintain good digital health, while always being ready with expert help for more complex issues.
  • Support with social media campaigns, editing and copywriting.

We’ll work closely with you to design a support and training package which provides help in the areas you need it most.

And with years of expertise in disciplines of Design, Development, Content and Search Marketing, we’ll create a mix that grabs magic Google ranking results, differentiates you from rivals and makes you memorable to customers.

Key features of your support and maintenance package:

  • Flexibility and convenience of 30 day rolling contract and no long-term commitment.
  • Cancel anytime policy
  • Flexible packages with your most effective mix of SEO, strategy, design, content or maintenance.
  • We only work with one search customer per town in each sector – so you know we’re always completely focused on helping you become to go-to brand in your niche.

Why is support and training crucial for your business?

Regular Google algorithm changes mean that it’s vital to tweak and tune your website so that it’s structure and content are all aligned to maintain the great rankings and web presence you’ve worked hard for.

When you’re regularly providing fresh content for customers and maintaining the technical health of your website, your SEO and customer experience will always be bang-on.

That means that customers can find you when they need you most, you can chat to them about your latest offers and services and you’ll sustain success with sales and referrals.

This blend of creativity and technical savvy doesn’t come by chance – so our support and training means you’re perpetually switched on to every opportunity trading online offers.

What support services can you expect?

Design and Content

With our experienced designers and content writers at your service, every word and image on your website will be fine-tuned to engage customers and keep Google happy.

Without professional design and content that’s optimised for SEO, customers will never find your website – but when they’re integrated in your digital marketing strategy, you’re firing on all cylinders.

Some of the tasks we can complete for you include:

  • Creating new banners
  • Updating and optimising your social media profiles on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Creating Offer splashes
  • Writing clear, concise and captivating Content for blogs and website pages, products and services
  • Updating photography and graphic design
  • Re-Designing your navigation
  • Creating engaging infographics

Search Strategy

We’ll never update your site without making sure that it’s optimised for Google, so our search strategists constantly monitor algorithm updates to recommend the relevant changes – this means you won’t be caught out by an update and keep a firm hold on the top position you’ve fought for.

Our search experts can also advise you on how to align your SEO and social media campaigns with great organic results on Google Maps, Search Results and Snippets, complemented by paid search (PPC) on the appropriate platforms.

And we’ll also analyse your competitors to keep a keen eye on their approach so that they never outflank you with new offerings and you provide original and authentic content that stands out from the crowd.

Development, Hosting & Platform Upgrades

Leading platforms like WordPress release regular updates to make sure that they iron out bugs, strengthen security issues and constantly improve functionality – so if your site is affected, we can make sure you’re always perfectly prepared.

So as the updates roll out, the related plugins that provide the extra functionality usually need updating too – but we have the know-how to work with a core of proven plugins that future proof your site and keep hackers at bay.

But we know that convenience is crucial, so we’ll always call you to arrange update work at times when it suits you best.


We’re happy to step up to the plate and provide you with as much support as necessary.

But if you have the time and a thirst for knowledge, you may want to learn how to update your site yourself and take care of other aspects of your digital marketing plan.

We’re delighted to provide you with the training you need to do this because we know that each customer has their own plans, preferences and capacity and we’ll do whatever’s necessary to support your growth.

Our Process

We’ve worked with hundreds of local businesses, so we truly understand the challenges that you and your site might face.

We’ll conduct a full analysis of your website and highlight each of the opportunities to improve rankings, user experience and conversion. Consequently, this will form the basis of our monthly agenda, where we’ll work with you to maximise your ROI, review priorities and you can also top up your budgeted hours at anytime.


Our support and maintenance are flexible by design, so we’re agile enough to switch between the most important issues across all of our disciplines while maintaining excellent quality on each.

However, if you prefer your search and design budgets to be separate, that’s totally fine – we provide set and bespoke packages to suit your ambitions.

With Scenicus support and training, you can be confident that all of your digital efforts get the best results possible – and that we’re with you every step of the way or to offer the occasional guiding hand.

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