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Paid Search Marketing

Pay Per Click – also known as paid search or Google Adwords – is quick and gets results. It is highly recommended if:

  • You need quick results
  • You offer a distress service eg vets (ill pets), dentists, locksmiths
  • You have a profitable product or service (typically retailing at above £50 per unit / hour)
  • You understand the power and accountability of marketing eg
    If it costs £5 to acquire each customer and each customer has a lifetime profit value of £100, then I’m happy
  • You want to increase brand awareness

If you’re not sure, have a no obligation chat with one of our strategists, we’ll always advise the best marketing mix to suit your business and budget.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Includes:

  • Comprehensive campaign planning and management
  • Digital design and advertisement copywriting
  • A/B testing to make the most of ad and budget performance
  • Landing page optimisation to help improve leads
  • Seamless integration with other digital channels
  • Plain English analysis, reporting and recommendations
  • Budget management so that you only spend what you plan
  • And… we’ll not work with your local competitors

Our Google AdWords qualified and Bing Ads Accredited experts will optimise your campaign to make sure your ideal clients see it at the right time. They’ll also monitor your campaign to guarantee the maximum number of clicks from your set budget with Google or Bing.

Google AdWords Case Studies From Our Clients:

Take a look at some of our successful Google AdWords campaigns below:
Alexander Opticians
Sandymount Pet Hospital

Towerwood Vets Avatar

We were interested in more specific veterinary advice, and the fact that Scenicus won’t work with any competitors in your area was quite important. They are extremely pro-independent and their team are very proactive.

Towerwood Vets 11 Mar 2019
Julia Mewes Avatar

“The reason we joined the programme was very much down to money. We’d gone through a very poor period and were really quite anxious to find out why that was and how to turn it around. “They’ve helped me set... Read More

Julia Mewes
The Mewes Veterinary Clinic
15 Oct 2016