Towerwood Vets

Brendan Clarke, owner of Towerwood Vets in Leeds, joined our business growth marketing programme in June 2013 and is still with us to this day.

He said: “We were members of TAB (The Alternative Board, a provider of advice and coaching support for business owners) which was good for receiving advice but not so effective when it came to implementing things.

“We were interested in more specific veterinary advice, and the fact that Scenicus won’t work with any competitors in your area was quite important. They are extremely pro-independent and their team are very proactive.

“The good things about the service are the level of support for new ideas and the things Scenicus can do. There is a two-way element to achieving real progress, so the business owner has to put time in as well, but the Scenicus staff and mentors are great for bouncing ideas off and the level of expertise of their copywriters for example is a big help.

“They’ve also pushed us to more client interaction, which helps raise the practice’s profile. We had a Facebook presence before we joined the programme, but now we’re doing much more with it – and Scenicus has given us plenty of ideas about what to do.

“The human resources advice available on the programme has proved very useful, because we actually already have a HR adviser, so it’s been handy to have third party advice that has backed up what we’ve heard, so it’s very reassuring to hear them give the same advice.

“In terms of the future, I think I’d like to work with Scenicus regarding their strategy on taking myself as the business owner out of the equation and still having a practice that runs successfully. At the moment, I’m integral to all the patient care, the client care and the staff care. Long-term, I’d like help in developing the practice to know that systems are in place and that same level of capability is there whether I’m around or not.”