The Mewes Veterinary Clinic

Julia Mewes is the owner of The Mewes Veterinary Clinic in Sussex and signed up to the vets marketing programme in July 2013 and still enjoys our support.

She said: “The reason we joined the programme was very much down to money. We’d gone through a very poor period and were really quite anxious to find out why that was and how to turn it around.

“They’ve helped me set up a marketing programme which is very different to how I’ve marketed before and we’ve experienced an upturn in new-client registrations, income and profitability since joining the programme.

“An unexpected benefit has been the HR support, as some staff management issues have cropped up where I’ve needed support. I’d now employ differently based on the advice I’ve received from Scenicus staff and mentors – ‘hire slow, fire quick’ is a good position to take, as is ‘hire for attitude, not skills’”. I have 10-12 employees at the practice so there will always be issues to some degree, but it’s very nice to be able to talk about how to avoid some major issues with a qualified source from outside the veterinary profession.

“Another benefit is being able to really sit and think about what I want for the business and my career, and what it might take to move the practice forward. With Google and competitors around, someone will always be moving the goalposts but I feel I’ve been given a lot of tools to use that I wouldn’t have had without the programme.

“I now write a regular column for my local newspaper and I’ve enjoyed being a columnist. Having been in the vets marketing programme I realised that the column was very important PR-wise, and to have the Scenicus team checking each piece I’ve written is tremendously comforting. I’ve received a lot of feedback from clients who’ve seen me in the paper and hopefully prospects will see it and make a connection when it comes to them needing a vet.

“My intention is to maintain momentum and get round to doing all the things I haven’t yet had a chance to embrace – Scenicus’ advice on introducing a three-tier pricing system for other consultations may be next on my to-do list.”