Content Marketing that’s the talk of the town

In days gone by, barber’s poles, sandwich boards and word of mouth meant good local businesses had a steady supply of customers.

But with increasing competition from large and small competitors on and offline, these time-tested tactics aren’t enough.

Enter clever Content Marketing – it’s the special ingredient that keeps your business punching above its weight and growing from strength to strength.

Content can be the well-written words on your website, blogs, guides and brochures, or the catchy videos you share on social media, but however it’s delivered, it’s developed specifically with your customers in mind.

As a central pillar of your website and marketing package, Content talks to new and existing customers in engaging language and forges close connections that foster loyalty and drive sales by providing the valuable information they need on time, every time.

Content Creation

When it comes to digital marketing, content creation is the secret weapon that makes consumers stand to attention and engage with your business.

And sophisticated Content Marketing focuses first on providing useful information to customers in order to skillfully persuade them towards a purchase, rather than a direct and off putting ‘hard sell’ approach.

So it’s your opportunity to show that you have the skills, knowledge and expertise to change people’s lives for the better. If you can do that on a regular basis, consumers will be drawn to your business like moths to a fiery flame.

Our innovative content team is composed of creative and digital experts with a wide range of specialisms. So whether you’re looking for exciting blogs, cracking case studies or catchy videos, we can deliver them in spades.

Content creation underpins all other forms of marketing and therefore should be at the beating heart of your marketing strategy.

For example, in SEO, where search engines reward businesses that publish consistent high-quality content, with higher positions. In fact, the top five search results on Google get 70% of the clicks. So if your website is as bare as the Sahara Desert and as dated as Simon Cowell’s dress sense, with regard to content, you’ll perish in the deepest depths of the search engines.

But create substantive and stylish content that customers love, then optimise it for mobile and local SEO and your brand will soon be the first name on every customer’s lips in your local, regional and national area.


Most of the digital content that you see online is written, and since search engines spiders don’t read visual content alone, words are your stepping stones to the top of their rankings.

Our talented in-house copywriters can develop a voice, tone and style that aligns with your branding and ensures all external and internal communications are always distinctive, professional and persuasive – or work with a pre-existing stylesheet on any type of task required.

The end result of their efforts is creating or maintaining a distinctive brand voice, that’s immediately recognizable to your customers, effectively entices members of your target audience and speaks volumes about your brand mission and values.

Content Distribution

When it comes to content, it’s also about being in the right place and right time.

So once we’ve cooked up your delicious content, we’ll work out the most effective ways to serve it to customers.

This involves analysing their online behaviours, habits and quirks, then finding out what channels they use, how they use them and then distributing your content accordingly.

Here are some of the channels we use for content distribution:


Since organic (rather than social or paid) search generates a whopping 51% of web traffic, we therefore ensure that your content is expertly SEO optimised to perform well in the Search engines.

Then, once you’ve got the tools, techniques and tactics in place to maintain search engine visibility, your sustainable strategy means you’ll be perfectly positioned to become a local business giant, loved by customers and search engines alike.


Social media is an ideal platform for publishing your content because it’s home to large audiences who you can directly interact with in order to develop long-lasting meaningful relationships.

We’ll help you choose the social networks that are favoured by your customers and that best compliment your product offering – to ensure that you get the best ROI possible.


Email marketing often gets overlooked, lost in the long shadow of the social media phenomenon. However, email actually has a much higher click-through rate (CTR).

It’s a channel which allows you to target your content with expert precision, as you can segment the people on your mailing list into groups with shared characteristics (e.g. gender, age, location), and send them only the content most relevant to them.

Email is an excellent channel for keeping people engaged with your brand and informed about your products and services –until they’re ready to progress from prospect to paying customer.


PPC (pay-per-click) display is another fast and effective way of driving content to your website.

We can create eye-catching advertisements with crisp and clear copy that capture the attention of consumers as they’re browsing the web looking for exactly the types of products and services you’re selling.

You can target your display ads using lists compiled from visitor data for your website or based on the topics of your content, to ensure maximum effectiveness in terms of traction and conversions.

Does this sound good? Your Local Content Campaign will include:

  • Content Marketing strategy creation
  • Carefully crafted copy from skilled in-house writers
  • Auditing, optimising and revitalising existing content
  • Paid Campaign (PPC) build & management
  • Digital design that’s brand-aligned
  • Audience analysis and profiling
  • Data analysis and reporting

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