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5 ways to leverage LinkedIn for your business


Social networking sites occasionally suffer from a bad media rep and are sometimes slated as impersonal and intrusive.

However, they’re essential platforms for businesses building an online following.

There are a number of networks out there, each with their own benefits and quirks, but the best choice for business is LinkedIn.

Why? It’s a massive global network comprising of 590 million business people and it’s therefore the ideal platform to promote your brand and forge strong partnerships.

Without further ado, here are five ways to leverage LinkedIn for your business.


Video is currently a high priority for LinkedIn, with the brand looking to overtake YouTube and Facebook as the top video platform for business content. In fact, the site’s current algorithm favours this type of content, so use this to your advantage by creating videos on a regular basis.

There are a number of ways that you can use video on LinkedIn, such as promoting a blog or whitepaper, showcasing client testimonials or as a teaser trailer for a longer video on your own website.

But remember that not everyone has the time to listen to your videos and if they’re working or in the quiet carriage during a train commute, they won’t be able to turn up the volume – it’s therefore worthwhile to add subtitles for silent scrollers and include a summary in the video description to ensure maximum accessibility and reach.

Also, be aware that LinkedIn prefers native video (uploaded directly to the site) rather than those hosted elsewhere which direct visitors away from the site.


One of the most obvious benefits of LinkedIn for business is that it gives you access to a huge network – but just how do you go about building yours?

Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 strategy is a good place to start. This involves finding the top performing posts and topics on LinkedIn, then responding with a meaningful comment. In doing so, you add value to your community and establish yourself as a knowledgeable individual worth engaging with.

You should also engage with others on through your own content. For example, if someone shares your post, you should thank them, or if they comment, respond amicably to start a friendly conversation. This will help establish a firm relationship and give you the opportunity to see things from a fresh outside perspective.

Written content

To build a huge online audience, you need to provide potential customers with value. This can be achieved through creating informative written content which showcases your industry knowledge and is geared towards the needs of your readers.

And just as is the case with video, LinkedIn favours native textual content which is uploaded directly to the site, so if you do wish to link to content elsewhere (e.g. your website), a top tip is to place the link in the comments section as this avoids your post being penalized by the LinkedIn algorithm.

LinkedIn articles are most effective when used as an intermediate step between your photos, videos, text, and website articles. By publishing posts directly on the platform, you can drive traffic to your website or to other free resources which customers find useful and that might persuade them further towards requesting further info or making a purchase.


LinkedIn is not only a great place to grow your network and build your online customer base, but it’s also ideal for finding new employees who will futureproof your business.

LinkedIn members use their personal profile to promote their skills and experience and the granular level of segmentation available on the platform means that it’s reasonably simple to target people with the precise professional attributes you require.

You needn’t actively look for new employees either, because the very act of having a LinkedIn account and engaging with others means you’re perpetually promoting your brand and could come across talented individuals who could enhance your business at any time.

Brand identity

You build your business profile on LinkedIn by creating a company page which contains key information about your brand and clarifies its purpose to your audience.

But remember that LinkedIn members want to connect with other people, so while it’s important to raise your company profile, you should also utilise the people closest your business – your employees.

For instance, you can choose one or two pieces of your LinkedIn content and encourage your team members to promote them by sharing with their own network. This can be done in a matter of minutes and can significantly increase your brand reach.

Furthermore, by using your staff as brand advocates, it allows your audience to see the people behind the business, which humanises your brand, encourages empathy and makes it more relatable.

LinkedIn is a dynamic social networking site that can be used in a multitude of ways to trigger growth for your business.

So if you’re in the B2B sphere and are looking to strengthen your brand, it’s the perfect platform for you.


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