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Any business that’s serious about success will have taken the time to design a logo that’s iconic and imaginative.

A logo plays as fundamental of a role in the growth of your business as your products and reputation, so should never be overlooked.

If crafted with care, it has the potential to grab audience attention, create a strong first impression and serve as the foundation of your brand identity.

So let’s take a look at five legendary logos and delve into the intriguing histories behind their creation.

1. Apple

When the world’s first trillion dollar company was founded in 1976, its logo was completely different to the one that the world is familiar with today.

The original logo paid homage to the apple which famously landed on Isaac Newton’s head, triggering the origins of his thesis on gravity.

In 1977 however, co-founder Steve Jobs felt the logo was too old-fashioned and worked alongside designer Rob Janoff to create the (now iconic) partially bitten apple logo we know and love today.

The apple image also has obvious biblical overtones, symbolising the fruit that grew from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. So it was not only much more memorable than its predecessor, but also allegedly implied that Jobs and the other minds at Apple had been imbued with divine knowledge.

2. Amazon

While amazon is one of the most valuable and widely used companies in the world, with an annual revenue of over $200 billion, most people would write off its third and current logo as simply representing the company name.

However, there’s great ingenuity behind the logo. The orange arrow not only resembles a warm and welcoming smile, but also subtly symbolizes Amazon’s mission – to provide its customers with everything they desire, from A to Z.

3. Toblerone

The Swiss chocolatier has created an iconic logo which is recognised across the world – especially at the duty-free section of airports.

Toblerone boasts an ingenious logo that references the Swiss Alps, whose mountainous peaks inspired the distinct and enticing shape of their chocolate. But the silhouette of a bear is also hidden in the logo, and refers to the heraldic symbol of the firm’s HQ in Bern. So here’s a logo that both showcases the origins of the brand and strengthens its USP – its terrific triangular shape.

4. FedEx

Whilst the Tennessee based courier isn’t the most interesting company in the world, its logo is a cut above the other companies who simply use their company name.

A closer inspection of the logo shows an arrow between the E and the X, which symbolises the company’s commitment to speed and precision when it comes to deliveries.

5. Toyota

Most people are familiar with this Japanese car manufacturer and, whilst few know what the abstract logo represents, Toyota can at least be praised for not simply having their name as their calling card… at least not in the way you might expect.

The logo is actually a combination of all the letters within the company name piled on top of each other, thus forming a symbol logo that’s simultaneously original and traditional– it’s genius!

Each of these five fantastic logos are distinct from one another. However, what unites them is that expert care and consideration has been put into their creation.

These logos not only stand out as identifiers of the brands they represent but also cement their values and mission in the collective consciousness – clever stuff indeed.

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