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#WorldUFODay2019 – 5 reasons you should welcome an alien invasion

By Matthew Dewhurst


As the (admittedly niche) event that’s World UFO Day draws closer, Earth’s ufologists are split into two camps as sharply divided as a Klingon’s forehead.

Those celebrating this momentous occasion on June 24th believe that aviator Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of nine UFOs on that date in 1947 trumps all others in the calendar – whereas bitter rivals delay their skygazing shenanigans until July 2nd, the supposed date of the Roswell UFO incident in that same fateful year.

But even if the riddle of which date to bake your best space snacks and commune with the skies is ever resolved, a more serious dilemma remains – should we welcome the arrival of Alien life with open arms and giddy excitement or existential dread and electric cattle prods?

In this frenzied and febrile environment, I feel compelled to appeal for calm and clarity.

So I implore those amongst us who fear a visit from our intergalactic neighbours to reconsider their aggressive stance on an Alien invasion and listen keenly to the following five reasons why contact with alien life may just be exactly what this planet so desperately needs.


1. They’re probably a lot nicer than us

As we’ve all but confirmed that there’s no other intelligent life forms in the Milky Way, it’s safe to assume that any alien life that comes to earth is not from our galaxy. This means they have not just mastered interplanetary travel, but intergalactic travel too.

Why have they become so much more advanced than the human race, you ask? Possibly because their society didn’t waste thousands of years of its existence on war and suppressing all scientific advancements. So if this superior race of beings were to stop by, we should feel privileged they’d ever want to spend time with us – and promptly pop the kettle on.


2. Hello Mr. Popular

In the event of an alien invasion, who are the aliens gonna love more than anyone? The very people that had foretold their arrival of course!

So you’ll instantly transform from some loon in a tinfoil hat predicting the impossible to a genius who envisioned the greatest moment in human history before anyone else – with a social status that soars from hero to zero faster than a plasma blob emerging from a blazar’s core.


3. Goodbye prejudice

In the event that thousands of 10ft green space creatures with eight eyes descend from the heavens in a glowing spacecraft, it may put some of our current perceived cultural and social differences into much-needed perspective – prompting us to realise that none of us are really that different after all.


4. They might share their awesome tech toys

For those of you still not sold on the aliens bringing total societal betterment to our planet, perhaps the more materialistic and cynical of you could be swayed by the fact these benevolent tourists from outer space will let you play around with their cool space toys – set phasers to fun!


5. Why would they even bother attacking us?

If by now you’ve reached point 5 and you’re still reluctant to put down your sign declaring ‘THE END IS NIGH’ then it seems that no amount of reasoning can sway you, but here goes:

Why would a race so unfathomably more advanced than ours waste its time travelling light years simply to invade a planet that poses such a pitiful lack of any potential threat? That would be the equivalent of travelling to the other side of the world so you can step on a bug.

So whichever date you’re getting your intergalactic groove on for World UFO Day, please be pleasant if our alien friends finally decide to put in an appearance – the future of your planet might depend on it.


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