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Rewind Selector! The best Scenicus blogs of 2019 so far

Sometimes we hit a purple patch when it’s possible to produce a series of blogs which we love writing and that spur exciting customer conversations.

And for some reason only the mysterious content gods can explain, the Scenicus stars have aligned in the first half of 2019 and that’s exactly what’s happened.

So here’s a chance to wheel it up with a super selection of this year’s best blogs so far.

1. Is digital marketing worth it? 3 Reasons it gets results

This lovely little blog discusses the importance of developing digital strategies to boost your business and focuses on three fab tactics, local SEO, social media and content.

Getting to grips with these strands can help you build your online brand, connect with more customers and become the talk of your town – so this piece is certainly worth another peek.

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2. 5 ways to hook mobile customers

With 57% of website traffic coming from smartphone and tablet devices, the core message of this blog is that there’s an onus on businesses to optimise their website for mobile users.

Read it again for a deeper dig on attracting mobile traffic through honing UX, making the most of local SEO and claiming your Google My Business listing.

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3. Segmentation – Grabbing your customer cake

This tasty blog sets its sights on segmentation, which involves dividing your customers into sub-groups that share similar characteristics and behaviours.

It delves into buyer personas and audience research and is a great read for anyone who wants long-lasting customer connections.

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4. The top 10 digital marketing terms translated for your business

The jargon surrounding digital marketing can be complex and off-putting to straightforward businesses who don’t appreciate waffle.

So this fantastic blog converts the 10 most important digital marketing terms into Plain English so that nothing’s lost in translation. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to implement a digital strategy but is frustrated by lingo like CTA and CTR.

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5. 10 killer keep-fit hacks for remote workers

Nowadays, more and more people are working remotely, which can be great for life/work balance but might also turn you into a couch potato.

So we created this helpful health blog for homeworkers who want to keep-fit and fight cabin fever by working out from the comfort of their workspace. When you want to go for the burn without trekking to the gym, this is your go-to guide.

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We’ve written some cracking content this year and there’s plenty more to come – stay tuned for more brilliant blogs throughout 2019.

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