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10 #mantastic gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and it can be tough finding a terrific present for the man who has everything.

But fear not, because we’ve trawled the length, breadth and depth of the internet to serve up some inspiration on a plate – your dad will be delighted with any one of these 10 mantastic gifts.

1. Photo gifts

Photo gifts make great presents because they’re sentimental but also practical. So dig out those photo albums and scrawl through Facebook, then plaster those pics on a mug, calendar or canvas –dad will absolutely love it.

2. Report card

Nobody’s perfect. So you can let your dad know what areas he can improve on with a cheeky personalised report card. It’ll keep him on his toes and give him some areas to work on during the next year of fatherhood, so that next year he can score even higher. A word of warning – be sure to offer some sort of incentive for a top score, otherwise he might not appreciate having his faults documented in detail!

3. Gym membership

If your daddy enjoys guzzling on a six pack, get him a gym membership so he can work on getting a six pack of the abs variety instead. It’s a great way to for him to keep fit and just imagine how good your old man will look in lycra once he’s slim and trim.

4. Amazon Echo

By gifting dad an Amazon Echo speaker, the days where he nips your head with daft questions will be long gone. Why would he bother you when he’s got the amazing Alexa to assist to him with anything and everything?

5. Beer candle

A candle is an obvious choice for a Mother’s Day gift, but what makes it great for Father’s Day is that it’ll be unexpected. Everyone likes a nice fragrance and if you opt for a cool and quirky ‘masculine’ scent like beer, you’re on to a winner.

6. Noise cancelling headphones

With a high-quality pair of noise cancelling headphones, your dad will be able to listen his old-school tunes in high-quality, without putting anyone else through the pain. Plus, he’ll be able to block out the sounds of noisy neighbours and rowdy grandkids, so there’ll be one less thing for him to moan about.

7. Heated razor

With a heated razor to hand, your dad will be able to experience the comfort of a hot towel shave with every stroke. These sharp heated blades are super for opening pores, exfoliating your skin and expelling ingrown hair, resulting in a high quality pro-style shave.

8. Dance lessons

If your dad needs a new hobby, what could be better than dancing? From Latin to ballroom and street – you’re bound to find a style your Father will love. And more importantly, there’ll be no more daft dad dancing at family events!

9. PlayStation VR

Your dad’s seen a lot during his life, from the extinction of the dinosaurs to the rise of virtual reality (VR). So why not treat him to a PlayStation VR headset to match his existing PlayStation console?  It’ll transport him to a new world where he can enjoy the gaming experience of a lifetime.

10. Digital photo frame

With a digital photo frame, your pops will be able to parade his favourite photos from across the years. He can display it at home or take it to work and place it on his desk – just make sure there’s no unflattering pics of you on the carousel!

Gift your dad one of these awesome presents and he’ll be beaming with joy this Father’s Day.

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