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5 ways your brand can score with the Women’s World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is kicking off this month, with England and Scotland among the 24 teams taking part.

This terrific tournament is taking place in France, but there’s plenty you can do from Blighty to show your support for home nations teams – and spread the word about your brilliant business to boot.

Let’s kick off five ways your brand can score by backing this top-notch global tournament.

1. Partner with a local club

Women’s football is growing in popularity year on year, with a record-breaking 750 million viewers tuning in to watch the previous Women’s World Cup in 2015. So now’s the perfect time to tap into this awesome audience and contribute to a community cause by partnering with a local women’s footie team.

Running a joint fundraising event to raise money for a female sports club or charity will reinforce your reputation as a caring brand which champions good causes – and it’ll allow you to mix with a wider network of potential customers. So find out which local club could do with your support and make an approach – teamwork makes the dream work.

2. Cup content

Content is the most powerful marketing tool for any brand – it informs and entertains your audience, improves your SEO ranking and continually adds value.

So you should absolutely capitalise on the opportunity to publish as much lively and informative Women’s World Cup content as possible. For instance, you can use your social media channels to provide live match updates, profiles on key players and post-match video discussions – the possibilities are endless.

Remember that not all of your content needs to focus directly on your business and its offering – fun and accessible content centred around current popular events can open up conversations about your brand to a wider range of customers than you might have imagined possible. So entertaining footie blogs, videos and social media posts can drive traffic to your website and might cause a surge in sales.

3. World Cup deals

Customers love a good deal, so the Women’s World Cup is the perfect time to offer outstanding promotions such as discounts on your products or services which increase as our national teams progress.

As the excitement builds and teams grab great results and move towards the final stages, your brand can ride the crest of the emotional wave by ensuring you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with customers throughout their journey.

4. Football fun day

Hosting a football fun day for your employees and the local community is an excellent way to network with a new audience – you could have 5-a-side matches, penalty comps, party food and face painting.

It’s a great way to humanise your brand by proving that you don’t take yourself too seriously and know how to let your hair down – an attitude which customers love.

5. Footie forfeits

If you’re going to use the Women’s World Cup as part of your marketing strategy, you need to get your whole team on board.

So matching each member of your business with a team to support can raise morale through healthy and harmless competition, and you can spice things up by making everyone whose team is eliminated perform a forfeit.

For example, you could make kayoed colleagues wear fancy dress throughout the day their team makes an untimely exit, then share photos and videos of their exploits on social media. All of which further builds your brand.

The FIFA Women’s World cup is going to draw in a huge audience and is sure to be an inspirational spectacle for women of all ages in your community, as well as soccer supporters of all genders.

So if you want a new customer base to become your 12th man, making the most of this magnificent marketing opportunity will welcome new clients to your team

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