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Is digital marketing worth it? 3 reasons it gets results

If you’re a no-nonsense business owner, the search for a simple digital strategy can have more twists and turns than Theresa May’s Brexit plans.

And if snake oil salespeople bamboozle you with technical terms and overpriced packages, perhaps it’s no wonder one in five SMEs have no online presence.

Being only bricks and mortar isn’t the end of the world — but by taking advantage of the right online tools and tactics as and when you can afford them, you’ll boost your business.

So if you appreciate straight talking, here are 3 simple reasons digital marketing gets results.

1. Local SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation — amongst other things, it involves tweaking the words and images on your website, as well as the way it’s designed, so you rank higher in
Google results.

To make the most of SEO, a small business might have a well-designed website with local information, directions and real time information about products in stock.

It’s important because according to Google stats, local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit stores within one day.

You won’t achieve page 1 presence on top search engines without a disciplined plan and regularly adjusting your approach as you progress — but trust in a skilled SEO expert and you’ll make your mark in the long-term.

And although a snazzy website can supercharge your SEO, you don’t need one to get started — claiming a Google MyBusiness profile plugs you into a powerful network for free.

2. Social Media

Because social media is so accessible, using it for business feels like a no-brainer.

But approach it as a magic wand that drives website traffic and sales and you might be disappointed — evidence that this works consistently in today’s climate is patchy.

However, pick the right platform and social can be superb for raising brand awareness and fine-tuning customer engagement, both of which add vital spice to your digital recipe.

Making meaningful customer connections on social is a fantastic way to foster lasting relationships and there are several ways to do it — like sharing content that’s fun, heart-warming and doesn’t feel like an advert, and proactively answering positive and negative comments.

3. Content

The content you share with existing and potential customers fuels everything from surging SEO performance to sales, brand recognition and customer experience.

So top up your tank regularly with a blend of fresh (new or topical) and evergreen (long-lasting) content that’s creative, engaging and carefully crafted.

A regular blog which can be readily shared on social media is an excellent way of regularly refreshing your website for SEO and answering questions customers are currently

And there’s evidence it works — Content Marketing Institute statistics for 2018 show that according to B2B marketers, blogs beat social media for distributing content — they’re 19 per cent more effective.

Don’t forget video either — according to Aberdeen Group, firms that use video report 27 per cent higher click-through-rates and 34 per cent higher conversion rates than those who don’t.

And nowadays, there’s no need for Spielberg-esque skills or budgets — you can create simple yet effective marketing videos with your mobile and apps like Kinemaster.

Follow these three straight shooting digital tips and you’ll grow your SME steadily online without breaking the bank.

When you’re ready for waffle-free sales-driven digital, contact us to chat.

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