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Back of the net — 3 reasons blogging scores winners for your website

Blogging’s one of the best ways to make the most of your website, so it’s a crucial part of a winning digital strategy…

But some firms mistakenly believe it’s trickier than a 3-2-3-2 formation.

If you fancy a flutter on World Cup 2018, you’ll grab great odds on England lifting the trophy with Harry Kane as top scorer.

But when it comes to supercharging your online performance, blogging’s a much safer bet — here are three goal-scoring reasons why.

1. Increasing traffic

An entertaining, funny or informative blog that’s frequently updated encourages punters to check out your website regularly.

According to HubSpot, firms that blog have 97% more inbound links and this traffic potentially means more direct enquiries, bookings and product purchases — especially if your well-crafted blog subtly reinforces the ways your offering addresses customer pain points.

But don’t make them too advertorial — the ultimate aim is to boost business, but a salesy tone will turn off customers faster than Steve McClaren’s Dutch accent.

An engaging blog in your distinct house style also builds up your brand personality — another factor that contributes to a busy site.

2. Magnetising new customers

When customers need more information on a particular product, they’ll type their query into a search engine for swift results.

And if your informative and authoritative blog pops up prominently, you’re in pole position to grab their custom.

B2C and B2B businesses might take slightly different tacks — so your fashion retailer could blog about the hottest summer sunglasses, while a business accountant might offer advice for the new tax year.

But both can also blog about emerging trends and innovations in their respective industries — this proves that they’re passionate about their sector and keep their fingers on the pulse.

If you can demonstrate your enthusiasm for your business sector through your blog, you’ll convince customers that you’re the real deal and gain their trust.

3. The gift that keeps giving

You’ll have to decide how to effectively split your blog content between articles that refer to contemporary news and events, and evergreen content that remains relevant for longer.

But it can be wise to republish old blog content after updating the relevant details and optimising it for the latest SEO techniques so that it doesn’t fall foul of algorithm changes on search engines like Google.

If you write a stone-cold classic blog that’s a joy to read and has performed well in the past, there’s no reason customers won’t want to take another look at it.

Classics never go out of style — just like Sir Geoff Hurst’s net-buster.

When you need to make content count for your business, blogging helps your website score this pitch-perfect hattrick.

If you want to find out how content marketing helps your business score outstanding online goals, get in touch today.


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