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Picking the best images for a website

Words do the specific selling to potential new clients. And they’re supported or harmed by your choice of photos.

Ordinary people don’t read websites in a linear manner. They don’t start at the top and absorb every single word you’ve written. According to some studies, they actually read as little as 20 per cent of the content that’s written.

Scary, right? And that’s why it’s critical to pick the perfect photos.

Here are a few pointers when you’re gathering your website imagery.

NO: Cheesy stock images

The days of stealing photos from the internet are long gone. Use a photo you haven’t paid for these days and you’re very likely to attract a legal letter from the owner.

So should you use stock images, the kind you can legally buy from a stock image library?

Well, maybe. Stock images are better than no image at all. But some of them just scream “cheesy stock image”.

If it looks too good to be true, then people ignore it. Their eyes it over the image and it has no effect on them.


YES: Images your products/services

People want to see what they’re potentially going to be investing in.

If you sell products direct to people via your website, ensuring you use varied, high quality imagery for all products is essential (video may even be an option).

If you offer B2B or B2C services directly to people, use real imagery from within your business, of you and your staff delivering your services. People buy from people so capturing an image with your staff is good practice where possible.

In a world where the majority of people have a smartphone with a high quality, built in camera there is no excuse for buying stock. Even if you can’t stretch to a professional shoot you can gather the imagery yourself.

YES: Images of you and your staff

The main kind of photos you should use on your home page and about us page are pictures that can’t be copied by any other business. That’s you and your staff.

You should absolutely get a professional photographer in for a shoot if possible. Most photographers are desperate for more work and will cut you a deal, especially wedding photographers, who tend to be the best at capturing people looking natural, even in stressful situations.

Invest in decent photography and you’ll see the ROI in new clients.

It doesn’t matter if you and your team aren’t supermodels. In fact, that’s the point.

For every person who thinks you’re the wrong fit for them, there’ll be dozens who instantly think you ARE the right fit.

Finally, make sure you use high quality photos, and that they’re technically crisp and attractive. A good web designer will understand that the right images sell, and set them up on your website to look great on any size screen.

You might now be thinking about the words that need to complement the images for your website. So check out one of our recent posts on how to get the content right on your website.

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