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The Top 4 Ingredients For A Successful Website

More often than not, your website is the first thing the majority of potential customers are exposed to – and it’s also where existing customers will go to keep up to date on news or, more importantly, to find your contact details when looking to engage your services again.

That’s why there is so much emphasis on creating a well-designed website within the industry.

To serve both types of user, the following website checklist must be met:

Responsive Website

Most users now come from a mobile source, so if your site is not responsive you’ll offer the majority of visitors a poor user experience by default. Whatever a visitor’s chosen device, your website must always offer a tailored experience.

Quality Content

Your content or website copy should be written with existing and prospective customers in mind. It should also be unique and not lifted from another site. Engaging users with quality content is also essential to meet the requirements of the algorithms of all major search engines, with failure to engage resulting in users bouncing back to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

High Quality Imagery

There’s no longer an excuse for using stock imagery on your site. A good smartphone will capture images in a high enough quality for the web. Your customers, staff and surroundings should be the primary focus of your lens (always remember to compress your images when uploading to your site).

Clear Calls to Action

Once visitors have been won over by your well-crafted content and high quality, relatable imagery, they must then be encouraged to engage with you. In most circumstances this will be via a phone call, web form or email – so make sure all relevant options are clearly signposted throughout your site.

If you feel your current website is lacking any of the above then please get in touch with the Scenicus team today.

P.S. We’ve also got a fantastic Ultimate Website Guide that you can download for free!

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