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Surprisingly, email marketing is relatively under-utilised, despite being one of the oldest and most effective forms of Digital Marketing.

Once someone has engaged with your business and you’ve captured their email, it’s your duty to keep them up to date on your services/offerings and general news.

Without this regular reminder of your existence, is there any guarantee they will come back to you next time they need said service? It’s more likely they’ll head back to Google and search again.

Email Marketing to potential customers:

This can be done very simply by ensuring newsletter sign-ups are possible on your site. To get the most from both types of user in your email database, you should be sending separate emails – one to existing customers and one to potential customers.

Using a marketing template software such as MailChimp will give your emails a professional image, and increase engagement.

Creating an email strategy that works alongside your marketing strategy will help you to see higher ROI on your marketing efforts, and create a more thorough approach to generating leads for your promotions.

For advice on email marketing, or to generate your marketing strategy, contact a member of the Scenicus team today and we will help to bring your email marketing up to speed.

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