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You’ve probably used Google’s Street View before? Whether you’re planning a journey or visiting somewhere for the first time, you may find yourself taking a sneaky look on Google’s Street View first to make sure everything is okay and that you’re going to end up in the right place; it offers you that little bit of reassurance before you set-off!

You would think that every location business owner would want to showcase their practice to potential customers for exactly this reason – to offer potential customers the reassurance they need to visit you for the first time – but Scenicus Digital Marketing has found that a lot of business owners still haven’t utilised this feature.

If you haven’t got a Google See Inside Tour on your Business Listing or Website, you’re missing a trick!








Google’s See Inside Tour was introduced in late 2016, yet some location based business are still not taking advantage of this effective conversion tool.

How can a Google See Inside tour help to improve your Google position and help to win you more new clients?

The Google See Inside Tour is another service of Google and you’ll hear me say that if you scratch Google’s back, Google will scratch yours.

By taking advantage of this feature, Google will reward you because you are providing its users with a better search experience.

This means that your Google Business Listing will improve, the amount of impressions your Listing receives will improve and your click-through-rates will increase because you have provided the ‘searcher’ with more information about your business.

Click-Through-Rate is score calculated by Google, based on the amount of impressions that your website receives compared to the amount of people that click through to your website – it’s an averaged score.

When your Click-Through-Rate is high, this means that you have more traffic visiting your website.

More Traffic = More Conversions = More New Customers

It’s also a Multi Use Marketing Resource!

Not only can your ‘See Inside’ tour be embedded onto your Google Business page, but on your website, across social media and within emails too. It’s a great tool to advertise and encourage people to come and visit your practice.

You would think that such an effective conversion tool would cost a bomb…

You’re wrong.

Our Trusted Photographers will come to your practice when it’s convenient and take a selection of 360 images – we will then come back to our studio to stitch them all together to create your very own See Inside Tour. We’ll even put it on your Google Business Listing too.
This service usually costs £400 + vat.

BUT, our Trusted Google Photographers are offering you a great deal:

Say yes to a Google See Inside Tour by Friday 23rd of June and pay just £249 + vat.

Make sure you take advantage of this offer and such an effective conversion tool for your business by calling Scenicus Digital Marketing today on 01908 904 904 or complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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