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Let’s chat about one of your customers. Her name is Katie, she works in data management and makes about £27,000 a year.

Aged 28, Katie’s disposable income is reasonably high for someone her age, and she’s likely to purchase her goods from the higher end of the market. She’s more likely to splash out in Marks and Spencer’s than scrimp in Lidl, if you catch our drift.

Katie is an active person, loving nothing more than driving into the countryside and hiking up some hills every Saturday morning, and next year she’s got plans to train for a half marathon in her local town.

But here’s what really interesting about Katie – she doesn’t exist.

Katie is what’s known as a ‘buyer persona’, a composite person created after rigorous research into your customers’ purchasing habits and personal life.

Its benefit? To give you a greater idea of their wants and needs.

A great way to connect with your customers

When you’ve got a revolving door of customers entering and leaving your workplace every day, it can be difficult to think of them as anything other than a faceless mass.

But each of your customers is a unique entity with their own interests, hopes for the future, desires for customer service and reasons for visiting your business. And when you’re creating marketing resources, understanding the foibles of these customers is vital.

A buyer persona allows you to write for a person rather than a faceless group of people, putting the personality back into brand.

Here at Scenicus, we craft buyer personas for our clients to ensure that your content is fine tuned for your audience. We do this by:

1. Assessing your average customer
2. Listening to your personal thoughts on your customers
3. Researching the customer profile of your competitors
4. Extensive market research
5. Looking at the social media activity of your customers

These are only the cliff notes of our process when it comes to crafting buyer personas for your business. With our bespoke service, you’ll receive bespoke personas designed from the ground up, giving us and you the chance to create content which truly hooks your audience.

To learn more about buyer personas and to experience copy which has been created with your ideal customers in mind, get in touch with the experts at Scenicus.

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