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Winning new clients is easy … but you need to make sure you’re utilising every traffic channel that’s available to your business.

Remember: more people visiting your website = more people visiting your practice.

On the right, is a simple diagram to show the different channels that generate traffic for your website – this is your business’s traffic funnel.


Here’s a quick breakdown for you to consider:

Google and other search engines

– Use Google Ads
– Have a great three-pack position
– Be FIRST on the organic listings

Community Referrals

– Attend local events and be prominent in the area
– Word of mouth
– Advertise in local magazines / parish magazines

Social Media

– Have active and engaging social media accounts
– Get as many likes as you can
– Use Facebook Ads to increase your market reach

In my experience, social media is the most overlooked traffic channel

There are plenty of reasons why social media isn’t used to its full potential.

For many business owners, social media isn’t something they use daily, which means they often don’t appreciate how social media can be used to generate new clients. Consequently, social media as a traffic channel for their business is ignored – which is a big mistake.

Then we have clients who have a great Facebook page, which is updated regularly by their staff members to keep existing followers engaged … yet there’s no strategy in place to use their social media as a platform to win new clients – this is also a big mistake.

It’s vital to use social media as a platform to interact with existing clients, but also a platform to attract new clients, too.

First, let’s focus on Facebook …

Before you look at winning new clients through Facebook, make sure you have the basics right:

– Have a great looking business page. Make sure your profile photo fits, and all the information on your page is correct and engaging
– Keep your page up to date with fun, regular, informative and interesting information
– Think of a way to ensure all your active clients have liked your Facebook page

(If you’re stuck with ideas on how to make sure all of your active clients like your Facebook page, give us a shout. We have lots of ideas that have worked in the past)

Now that you have a great Facebook page, it’s time to start thinking about winning new clients. Facebook Ads are the best and most affordable way to do this.

What do you need to think about before setting up your Facebook Ad?

– Create a very clear objective that you would like to achieve

Do you simply want more people to like your page? Maybe you’d like to promote your business (brand awareness)? Or perhaps you’d like to encourage people to book an appointment within a certain period using a promotional offer?

– Create a Plan of Action.

Instead of simply thinking “I want more people to visit me” or “I want to sell more stuff”, think about what the right approach should be for your desired call to action.

For instance, if you want to book more appointments, are you going to offer an introductory offer or simply focus on value and the benefits of visiting you for the first time?

Next, what social influences are you going to include within the campaign to encourage people to decide?

Are you going to offer a time sensitive offer? Are you going to add social proof?

This is where our campaign checklist comes in handy – it details everything you need to consider when creating a successful campaign.

To request our campaign checklist, simply pop us an email to hello@scenicus.co.uk and we’ll send it over.

– Create your Facebook Ad and optimise it using the different metrics available to you.

This is where it can get slightly technical and that’s where we can help. If you’d like more information about our Facebook Ad management service, then please get in touch.

Alternatively, we can offer training sessions over the phone to help set up your Ad and give tips and advice on managing it in the future.

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