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How important is it for customers to trust your business?

Unless you’re the kind of proprietor who enjoys burning money, we’d wager that consumer confidence in your company is absolutely vital …

… but this trust should extend beyond your practice’s four walls.

More specifically, your online presence should be designed to enhance your credibility – and one way to do this is to make sure your website is secured to current best practice.

By installing a SSL certificate (think of it as a green light indicating that your visitors’ data is private and secure), you’ll avoid Google returning your website as potentially unsafe.

For a while now, Google has been edging us towards a web browsing experience that is more secure, although this accelerated at the start of 2017 with the announcement that its Chrome browser will begin flagging any site that is not served over https.

Get Your SSL Certificate in Place

Whatever your site’s purpose, the last thing you need is a potential red flag being displayed to visitors. As it stands, this only relates to users of Google Chrome, but given that Chrome currently accounts for around 54% of all browser usage, over half of your site visitors could be affected – and put off – by this change.

Despite the possible short term issues this change could throw up for sites without a SSL certificate installed, this change has to be seen as extremely positive for all web users and website owners.

If you’re unsure whether your site has a SSL Certificate in place, you can check by looking in your browser address bar to see if the web address begins https:// rather than http://. Alternatively, you can use this free checker tool.

No SSL certificate installed? Don’t delay and potentially lose the hard-earned trust of your customers – contact the Scenicus team and we’ll sort it on your behalf.

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